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The Milwaukee Scylla Women’s Rugby Football Club is a not-for-profit organization

that provides an outlet for novice and experienced female rugby players to build and

improve their rugby skill set. We are a competetive organization, and we are serious

about playing top-level rugby. In addition to our play on the pitch, we also organize

several social, fundraising, and volunteer events throughout the year. We are fair in

our game-day selection process as we play those women who come to practice and

pay their dues. We are inclusive in that we have a place for anyone that is interested

in playing women’s rugby. We are competitive in that we strive to be the best club

and the best individuals that we can be both on and off the pitch. We have place

second in our league each of the past two years and look forward to another

competitive league schedule, as we strive to end up on top this year.